Friday, June 11, 2010

Well hello there...

Been gone for a minute and a lot has happened. So much that I am not even sure where to begin. I have grown older, my relationships have matured and some have even ended, a new job/career, and I have moved. I am so blessed for what the Lord has revealed to me over the last year. And I want to take the time to thank him. For without him and the MANY blessings that the has given me, who knows where I would be. Am I sad or impartial by some of the things that have occurred. Of course, that is what being human is about. But I do know that everything happens for a reason. And I have grown wise in realizing that he will reveal the reasons in time. I also know that everything has its season.

Moving away from the only home that I have known for the past 28 years, was an overwhelming experience. In some ways I thought that I wasn't ready, but then I realized better. He will never place more on me than I can bear. And with God's help and preparation, along with my mother, I did it and I am doing well (thanks for asking). I can't lie, at times I get down and feel sad, because those that I love and hold dear to my heart are all in other cities and I miss them more than you can EVER imagine. I am making friends in my new environment, but they will never be my commrades that I have back home. You guys know me inside and out and I can tell you guys ANY and EVERY thing. And without hesitation, you guys will help me through it all. I LOVE YOU for that. Not gonna go too far in depth, just wanted to provide a lil update on whats been going on in my world. I will try to do better at blogging.

Signing off for now,


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As the Sands of Time Blow.....

Time is winding and the level of excitement is overwhelming. I have been away from my loved ones toooo damn long. Things have changed and that was to be expected, but a few things have remained the same. I have still have my family and crew, who has my back and I have theirs. I dont think you all understand what is inside of me right now. I am soo anxious, like Ginuwine right now, LOL. As I type this I have about 100 or so hours remaining before I take a flight outta Iraq and into Kuwait. Hopefully I can leave Kuwait on the next day instead of waiting four days for another flight.

As for me, I have grown into an even stronger multi-racial male. One who is confident in his own skin and is not wasiely intimidated. I'll be the first to admit, I still have some growing to do, but I have come a ways from where I used to be. My brothers would be so proud of me. I am grateful for everything that the Lord has given me and not given me. I have come to the realization that He is in control and when it is to be and he feels that I am comofortable, he will grant it to me.

As we bring this deployment to a close, let me leave you with this, this is your life, you only get one, so live it for YOURSELF.

Be Breezy!!!

Ain't It Funny

I am cracking up in the inside. The other day I was talking to my "big" brother and we were talkin bout meeting folks. And he told me that when you go look for something it alludes you. And I was like true that to a certain extent. So I took his advice to heart and removed myself from the scene and low and behold. I'll be damned. You find someone that is damn near everything you are looking for and quite possibly more. Now I have a problem with getting attached kinda quickly and we all know this, so no comment necessary, LOL. But so far I have not become attached and the vibe is there, but I am making sure that I take my time and get to know the personality and everything, ya heard. We shall see, stay tunned. I'll try to keep you all posted. And now back to our regualry scheduled program, "As the Sands of Time Blow."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Life, I Wonder.......

The other day as I was riding to work, listening to my ipod, i was suddenly inspired to write a new blog. I had a numerous amount of thoughts that ran through my head about what i could blog about. Out of the mass chaos running through my head, I decided on a topic. The topic of the hour is "Life."

Many times we take it, meaning life for granted and we shouldn't. This so called thing called life can be rough. Hell it is not suppossed to be easy. If it was you, better yet we, would have even less of an appreciation for it. Be glad for what little you have and be even more grateful for what you don't have. Once you realize that you have everything you need and not what you want, you will come to terms that you have exactly what you want. (DAMN, THAT WAS DEEP.) I, myself have realized that I don't have some of the things that I want/need, because I am not ready for it. If you rush life, can you enjoy it? Things that make you go hmmmm...

Before I leave, let me leave you with this, life is living and living is life. Be mesmerized by the little things and let the little subtlties come and take you away.

Be real and be you.

Love always,
Ya boy

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What you Give is What you Get???

Is this TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY TRUE?? I think so, well not completely. As I sit here and listen to "Superstar," by Lauryn Hill, I ponder on this thought. In the majority that I do, I try to give it my all. From the littlest accomplishment to the biggest. I try to make something better than the way that I found it. While sitting here in the middle of the Desert, Tikrit, Iraq, I ponder on ways to make this better than I found it. Hell simply being here is making it better. But htis is kinda a double edged sword. I am helping to make this country better, but I am struggling on the inside. I miss my family and friends so dearly. I try not to talk to them as much cause it hurts a little, but not talking to them hurts as well. WWJD? HE would pray and ask for guidance and patience. And this is what I do. Heck, it is all that I can do. I cant wait until my two weeks R&R comes around, which coincidently I will take for my birthday. I am going to bask in the presence of those that I love and those that love me dearly. To help pass the time and I have decided to keep a video blog of my adventures in Iraq and keep it on a weekly basis. As I type this blog, I coming to the close of the third week that I have been deployed outside of the U.S. I have pretty much adjusted to the temperature change. Although it is always upwards of 110 degrees here, it is not that bad. And the reason as to why is simple. It is a dry heat, no humidity to worry about. The killer is the DAMN sand encrusted blow dryer in your face. Well thats my update for now. Until next time, be Easy and Stay Breezy. I am outta here....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Here

Lately my mind has been a bit crowded and overwhelmed. I find myself getting easily aggravated with the insignificant and irresponsible actions of others. I find that this is not such a healthy way to live life. So as I listen to Clarity by Najee and a light jazz mix, I create the first part of my new mantra for 2008 and 2009.

1.) I will not set expectations on things that I cannot control.

2.) I am here for the present. for it is a gift from God and I will enjoy every moment of it. I will learn from the past and prepare for the future.

And the last part of it:

3.) We can never see past the choices that we do not understand.

This is my new mantra for the remainder of this year and if you don't like it, that's your opinion and you are entitled to it, but please don't expect me to get to the point in my life where your opinion matters so much to me that I am going to give a damn, because if that is your bread and butter, you'll die of starvation before I conform to you and your standards.

I am outta here for now and remember......

"We are all here to do what we are all here to do."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Reflections: From a Minor way, In a Major Key

Stevie wounder once wrote an album entitled, "Songs in the Key of Life." If I were to write an album now about my life and its experience, I would call it, "Life in a Minor Key, with Major Accidentals." Kinda of an oxymoron, I know but it describes my mood for the last couple of months. I have been through some major transitions since about August of last year. I have ended a relationship, lost a job, gotten a new job, involved in a car accident(rear ended by a hit and run), gotten a new car, blessed with a new niece Lyric Simone Gumes (Chunky Monkey), been called to serve my Country in Iraq, started down the road to purchasing a house, and met some really great individuals. This may be a long blog but bare with me as I attempt to express all of these "minor accidentals" that are within.

Would I change anything that I have recently been through? As I ponder long and hard, my final answer is HELL NO. Every trial and tribulation that I have recently been through, has not only made me a stronger person, but it has also given me a new appreciation and outlook on life. Probably the most life changing event for me is the birth of my niece. The only thing that could top that is having a child of my own. Although Lyric is not mine directly, the Lord has blessed us all with her presence. There is not now or ever will be nothing that I will not do in my power for this little lady or her parents. To follow, would be my calling to serve my country.

I knew that when signing up for the military, going to war was a possibility, but hey we do what we need to. What made this event so life changing was for the simple reason that I realized that at that point in time, more so than before, who everyone was in my life and what they mean for me. I may have only been blessed with one biological sibling, My big sis, Mikkie, LOVE YA, but God gave me 4 brothers and a brother in law and a few others, who love me just as much as my blood sister. We may not have the same blood that I have with my sister, but the bond there is just as strong. Shamekia, Gregory, Brian, Brandon, T.J., Lyndsay, Raven and Kendall, I LOVE YOU ALL. I know that if I was to ever need anything, I could call on you guys and there would be no hesitation. You all have listened to me bitch and moan and that right there is enough to make you say, THANK YOU!!!! And most importantly, MI MADRE, my rock and my comforter. The easiest way to describe her without sitting here for hours is simple she is the one who helped to make me into a STRONG AND INDEPENDENT MAN. For without her, there is no MOI (french for me, multi lingual, LOL). I know that this next year is going to be hard on all of us, but when I get back home, what a joyous day it will be. You all have been my rocks and I hope that I am yours. Let us all continue to lean on each other and be strong as one. I am soooooo very proud of all of you. I could go on and on, but I won't, LOL. To summ it all up, you all are stuck with me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am signing off for now, because its starting to get a lil emotional and i need to take a shower. I'll be back a lot more than before to give you updates as well as pics while I am overseas.

As always be real and remember.....

"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path............"